Mas alla del Muro… now in English!!!

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Hi guys, it´s  Feb 15, and it´s time to start working in one of my ” new year’s resolutions” for 2010.From now on I´ll translate to english all the new entries in the blog. 

Why am I doing  this?… well, blog stats says that people from 21 countries where spanish is not the main language have visited this site in the last 15 days. Translating the blog entries I´ll try to fulfill two objectives:  make the blog a bit more friendly for visitors who doesn´t speak spanish and also  improve my english. 

Probably posts won´t be exactly the same in both languages… the entries I write usually have little jokes that would be very difficult (or even imposible) to translate from The language of Cervantes to The language of Shakespeare but I´ll try my best to keep them as funny as possible.

Well, that´s all for the time being. Hope that all of you, visitors from remote uncharted lands, enjoy this small blog a bit more. 

Have fun.



2 comentarios sobre “Mas alla del Muro… now in English!!!

    Tankred escribió:
    19/02/2010 en 12:08

    Rob, thank you for doing this! I really like your work but I do not speak spanish. However I am looking forward to your hungarian stuff, since I currently paint Magyarok, too. Greetings from Germany!

    madmuro respondido:
    20/02/2010 en 20:03

    Hi there. I´m currently translating the article I made about my 2000 points Hungarian Army, so in a few days I´ll upload it to the blog.

    By the way, I´ve visited your blog and you have some quite good stuff there.



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