FoW: 2000 points Hungarian Army

November 1940, the hungarian government joins WWII on the side of Germany.

January, 1945, the Red Army finish the last offensive over Hungary.  It can´t be said that Hungary were the most willing ally of Nazi Germany, but in the end was the lasts of them to surrender.

When the Honved (hungarian army) joined the war, most of their divisions weren´t motorized and not many tanks  were available.  Even so, with tanks sold by germany, the hungarians formed several motorized divisions that were sent to the southern part of the russian front, near Stalingrado.

This FoW army will be a Motorized Infantry Company (Gépkoesizó Lovësz Század) from the 1st Armored Division (2nd Army).

The army will be formed by:


1x Headquarters Platoon


1st Motorized Regiment:

3xMotorized Infantry Platoon

1xHeavy Weapons Platoon

1xAntitank Section

51st Armoured Antiaircraft Platoon

1xSelf Propelled anti-aircraft section

30th Armored Regiment

1x Pioneer Platoon (unpainted)

2x Armoured Platoons (Heavy Armored Platoon & Recon Platoon)

1st Motorized Artillery Regiment

1x Artilley Battery

102/2 Dive Bombing Squadron (Ju87 Stuka)


1st Motorized Brigade


As usual, 2 infantry stands form the command group. This time, the rifle teams have been upgraded to  “Pancelvadlasz” Rifle Teams (tank hunters). The HQ soldiers also have his own transports: a 1.5t Botond truck.

To complete the HQ I´ve added a sniper stand.

In cover, behind a rock, they are keeping an eye on their enemies, searching for a valuable target. Due to the lack of an especific model to represent the hungarian snipers, I´ve made the telescopic sight of this one using a little piece from a german mortar.

The officer in charge of the 1st Motorized Brigade is Captain Lazslo Varady.

1st Motorized Regiment

Here we have the first of the 3 infantry platoons that form the Brigade. This is the only one of them with 3 sections (9 infantry teams). All squads are Rifle/MG teams and have a Botond truck. Command rifle team has been upgraded to Pancelvadlasz Rifle Team.

In these stands I´ve placed some scenery in such a way that the soldiers seems to be crossing a terrain full of barbed wire and broken fences. Below this paragraph you can see several close-up pictures of every squad and the scenery. If you look carefully you can see that cutting off minis from their bases  allow you yo place them in more “dinamyc” poses.

To every squad is allocated a “Solothurn 31.M” machine gun. In the picture of 3rd squad you can clearly see one of this weapons. In the last picture you can also see a model armed with a submachinegun, being hungarian, this should be a “Kyraly Danuvia 39.M”. The remaining soldiers of every squad are armed with “Puskas 35.M” rifles.

I´ve followed the same guidelines to create the second platoon stands.  This platoon have two squads, the first one have the stand decorated with wooden fences and in the second one the stands have big rocks and wheel tracks.

Third platoon stands have a bit more work tan the others. I´ve used several small trees I´ve been storing for many months, and I´ve placed them so my little fiery soldiers seems to be charging form a forest.  Other three stand have, again, wooden fences which the soldiers are using to cover from the incoming fire.

As with the other models, I´ve removed the metal base that join their feet, so I´ve been able to place them closer to the scenery.

For example:

Take a closer look to the model on the left side, and you will see that his feet are placed one on each side of the wooden fence, as if he was walking over it.

Same happens with another one of the minis from the stand in the middle of the squad (this one is walking through a gap in the fence) and with a couple of the models leaving the “forest”, which have been placed walking over fallen trunks.

Several 7/31 machine-guns machine guns along with a couple of light mortars and “Solothurn 36M” antitank rifles provides heavyfire support for the infantry.  This Heavy Weapons platoons  travel in their own 3 tons Ford Marmom 4×4 trucks.

This stands are built, in a way that:

–          Machine Guns seem to be waiting in prepared defensive positions

–          Light Mortars and the HQ are crossing a barbed wire line .

–          AT Rifles and hidden,  waiting for any enemy armored vehicle.

Antitank Section

Anticipating a possible armoured counterattack from the russians, the company HQ has sent some AT support to the front line but only a section, armed with a couple of 97/38 M (75mm), guns has already arrived. Those guns are another  german improvisation.Due to the shortage of AT guns they´ve used an old french gun and the wheels of a Pak38 to build this ”new” weapon, and they are sending them to Russia, to fight against T-34 and KV-1 tanks.

Usually this kind of guns are carried by a couple of horse carts, but this squad has also received a pair of trucks so they can travel at the same speed as the rest of the company.

 51st AA Armoured Batallion

Lately, we´ve noticed am increase in the number of russian planes flying over the front line, so the High Command has considered appropriate sending a pair of Nimrod-40M Antiaircraft armoured vehicles. 

Basically, a Nimrod is just a 40mm Bofors gun mounted on the hull of a Toldi I tank, and altought several reports say that this gun has some AT capability, the truth is that you must be very desesperate to fight against any russian tank aboard this light vehicles.

 Nimrods have a crew of 6 men, two drivers and four gunners. Here we have a closer pictures of the faces of some of those gunners.

 30th Armoured Regiment

Reconnaissance Company

This company is part of the Regimental HQ. The officer in charge is 1st Lieutenant Matyas Foragasi and they are equiped with fully tracked Toldi I vehicles.

 At this momento, Toldi I are they only vehicles of the Brigade that are 100% made in hungay.  For many weeks they have been used in combat missions, but with their weak armor and small caliber guns they were no match for the soviet tanks and casualties were running high, so the HQ decided to use them only in recon roles from now on.

Toldis, as Nimrods, are a “licensed copy” of a sweden vehicle. In this case, the original design is the Landsverk L-60B. Toldis are armed with a 20mm AT gun and in the armour thickness is 35mm.

 Seems that Toldis have had a lot of work lately, and this is obvious when you notice  the notable wear and tear of the vehicles, even more noticeable if compared with the Nimrods which left the factories a few weeks ago.

30/6 Heavy Armoured Batallion

Thanks to several trade agreements with Germany, and after paying millions of Marks, several of our armoured companies have been equipped with PZ IV tanks (both F1 and F2 models). Those excellent vehicles are manned by our best crews and we are using them fo face the russian menace with success. 30/6 Batallion is comanded by 1st Lieutnant Lajos Balazs.

Due to some temporary problem with supplies and the urgent need to send them to the front line, this tanks are still have the “Panzer Grey” paint scheme they received in the german factories. 

1st Artillery Group

1st Light Artilley Battery

Mayor Gyula Jovanovics in the officer who commands the artillery group asigned to this area of the front line. His unit is equipped with 105mm guns, to be exact those guns are the german made 10.5cm LeFh18, known by the Hungarian army as 37M Howitzer.

 As usual in this kind of units, it´s formed by 4 guns, Company HQ, observers team  and a staff team, whose job is to coordinate the bombardement operations.

102/2 Dive Bombing Squadron.

Aviation is playing a key role in the battles we are fighting in the East Front. That´s why our small army counts with the help of several Ju87 “stuka” dive bombing squadrons .

The planes currently operating in the area belongs to the “102/2 squadron”. They are know by the nickname “Kokuszdio” (Coconut). Captain Janos Korosy is the leader of the plane group.

Well, that´s all. Hope you like it.




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