Painting a Hungarian.

“…Hi there everybody, from Mas Alla del Muro we are proud to present our first ‘step-by-step painting mini-tutorial’ , today´s guest is a hungarian infantryman, so let’s get on with it and see how this ends up

First of it all the obvious things, WWII Hungarian Infantry uniforms are not the most flamboyant of the War. Brown, in diferent tones, is the main color and none of the units available for a Hungarian General wear camouflage uniforms. 

To paint this so small models I follow a technic very similar to the “Foundry 3-Colours Paint Sistem”, because I think that it allows me to paint with a good enough contrast level.

The model is primed in black and I´ve used Ivory instead white to get the lighter tones for the highlights.

Ok, Let´s start painting… and don´t forget that you can click on the pictures to see them bigger…

Step 1:

Flesh is painted with four shades of Foundry Expert Flesh (B,D,E & F). Starting with the darkest one I´ve covered all the flesh zones, leaving a fine black line between them and the surrounding areas, then we start highlighting the raised areas with the lighter tones.

The helmet has a base tone of Brown Violet (Vallejo) and then I´ve higlighted it with a mix of Brown Violet and Ivory (Vallejo)

In this step I`ve painted the clothes with a first coat of  English Uniform+Black (both Vallejo).

Step 2:

In this step I´ve focused mainly in painting the uniform and the boots. I´ve also coated  the belt and the straps.

To paint the uniform I´ve used English Uniform over the base coat I painted in step 1 and then I´ve highlighted it adding a bit of Ivory to the paint. As usual, we build the highlights painting coats of the lighter tones of paint in the raised areas leaving the darker tone in the deeper zones of the model.

The belt, the boots and the rifle and helmet straps are painted in Dark Brown (Vallejo). Boots are highlighted with a mix of Dark Brown and Ivory.

Knife´s sleeve is painted with Charcoal Black (foundry), but only because it was the dark grey tone I had closer to my hand at that moment…

Fase 3:

The third, and last, is centered on painting the small details.

To paint the belt and the straps I’ve used the same paint mix I used to paint the boots. Knive’s sleeve is highlighted with Stone Grey.

Thera are only 3 more things to paint in this model:

The bag hanging from the soldier´s belt is painted in Khaky (Vallejo) and highlighted with Ivory. 

I´ve painted the rifle with the three tones of Spearshaft (Foundry) for the wooden parts, and Artic Grey and White for the metal.

And finally,the jacket neck, the only one  detail that is painted in a non-brown colour is a small blue badge that identifies this soldiers as a member of the Mechanized Infantry. The badge is painted in Prussian Blue (Vallejo) and highlighted with Electric Blue (vallejo). 

Well, that´s all for the moment, hope you liked it and maybe it will help you if you decide to paint your own hungarian soldier in the future.

See you.



4 comentarios sobre “Painting a Hungarian.

    Pintando un Hungaro… « -.Mas alla del Muro.- escribió:
    27/01/2011 en 12:13

    […] of War: Ejercito Hungaro (2000 puntos)Mas alla del Muro (in English!!!)Painting a Hungarian.Space Marine ChampionTake Coveeeeeeeeeeeeer!!…FoW FortificationsFoW: 2000 points […]

    ironman escribió:
    01/04/2011 en 16:36

    This is a really good tutorial. I like your painting style, it generates a good contrast.

    I´m also loving your germans. I would aprreciate a tutorial how you paint yours or if you could write me which colors you use. I have problems to nail down a good color for the german uniform (my feldgrau highlight gets too whiteish) and the fj camo.


      madmuro respondido:
      04/04/2011 en 9:02

      Hi there.

      Well, right now I´m a bit busy painting several commision works, but as soon as I get some free time I´ll try to make new tutorials (including one for german infantry).

      I paint my germans using German Fieldgrey (Vallejo) as base color and highlighting with Fieldgrey+Ivory. And for the FJs, now I´m following the colors list in the “Hells Highway” book…

    Ian Turner escribió:
    29/06/2012 en 8:54

    Your English is very good — you must have had a good teacher! 😉 Impressive models too.


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