SdKfz 6 “Diana”

During the early stages of the german offensive against the Soviet Union, huge quantities of war material ended up in the clutches of the Wehrmacht. Among this equipment there were hundreds of M1936 76.2mm guns. The germans used them in their own benefit and 9 of those guns were used to build the SdKfz 6 mit 7.62 cm FK 36(r) which were sent to Africa in 1941. Todays entry talks about those peculiar vehicles…

I´m still updating my DAK army and this time it´s time to repaint two “Diana” antitank vehicles. As you can see in the pictures, those vehicles had a quite odd design. Basically they look like a big metallic box mounted over a half-track truck with a gun protruding from the front side.

This time I´ve painted the vehicles as if they had been a long time without getting the right maintenance, dirty and with the paint worn out.

In the picture of the front side you can see that the white band painted on the engine hood  of one of the “Diana” has almost disappeared and the original grey paint can bee seen.  

The next couple of pictures show the small changes I´ve done in one of the vehicles.

What I´ve done is, using a x-acto knife and a file, remove the part of the main structure where the door is located. Then, with a piece of plasticard and some green stuff I’ve built a new door and glued it to the vehicle´s side in an angle that makes it look half-open. Finally I´ve glued one of the crewmen as if he were opening the door to leave the vehicle.

In the picture to the left you can see that in the rear side of this same “Diana” I´ve placed a “basket” with water cans like the ones usually carried by the DAK tanks, after all loading projectiles in a cannon is a hard work and artillery crew need to drink from time to time…

Well, that´s all for today…

See you.



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