Space Marine Champion

 “…Space Marines… genetically altered superwarriors, whose only purpose in live is fight in the name of the Emperor of Mankind. They travel across the Galaxy giving xenos, heretics and traitors their just deserts with their hammers, their bolters or their chain swords. No one can withstand  their avenging fury…. By the Throooooooooooooone!!!


Well, from time to time I like to take a rest from painting FoW miniatures and paint a 28mm miniature. This time, the #1 in the “unpainted miniature queue“ was a Space Marine.This is a miniature you could purchase with your ticket to the 2008 Spanish Games Day.

I was a bit tired of painting WWII uniforms, so I decided to paint this mini in a color I hadn´t used before: Orange.

There is only on Space Marine Chapter that wears orange armours (the Knights of Gryphonne) so our little hero is now enlisted in the ranks of this Chapter whose home planet was destroyed by the Hive Fleet Leviathan.

According to some ancient files (stored in Terra and checked by Adelmo, my own personal scribe) this chapter have been reported for several deviations from the Codex Astartes standars. Seems that this guys aren´t following the codes about which company symbols must be painted over their wargear, and I´ll use this to paint this mini the way I like.  

At first sight you can see that instead the orange/black colour scheme used by the Knights of Gryphone, this Hero of Mankind have his Mark 8 armour painted in a orange/gold pattern.

 In his right shoulder pad, replacing the squad number and symbol, he has a golden “Aquila” and over his left shoulder, he has a laurel crown surrounding his own personal heraldry: A Grail pouring a drop of blood. Information provided by Adelmo says that this heraldry belongs to Captain Dubois of the 4th Company

In the right greave, Captain Dubois has another laurel crown. This one has a small jewel set in the middle. This is surely somekind of reward from a past victorious campaign against the enemies of the Imperium.

In the belt, we can also see another symbol of his status within the Chapter. He´s wearing a customized leather holster, is almost sure that it´s handmade using the skin of some extremely dangerous alien beast. The holster clap could be one of the few remaining examples of the  silver working made by the blind jewelers  form Calixto III, altought we can´t be 100% sure.

We can´t add anything else. Just post a few more pictures and remind you that if you like this paint job, you can leave a comment here or a vote at: Coolminiornot.



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