Take Coveeer!!…FoW Fortifications

January, 1944… somewhere in the Gustav Line, south of Rome

“…everything is really quiet now, Hans, all is silent… I almost can hear  the murmuring of the stream and the wind whistling softly through the trees…”

”…you´re right, maybe it´s because Fritz has stopped snoring just at the same time as the american planes have finished their bombing raid. Anyway, you should better stop trying to listen bullshits and pay attention… just in case you hear the ‘Amis´ coming…”

Althought most of the Generals wouldn´t place any objection, armies can´t be  all day going from one place to another, invading countries on board their tanks and halftracks. Sometimes, the tide turns and the victorious mechanized divisions have to dig trenches, build bunkers, lay thousands of mines and kilometers of barbed wire, and “dig in” as deep as posible waiting for the inevitable enemy assault.

That also happens in FoW games, and that´s why building some fortifications, just in case you have to play one of those missions,is always a good idea. I´m gonna show you some pictures of my own models…

First of them all, the most basic material: barbed wire fences and minefields. The main purpose of those obstacles is not killing soldiers but force them to move towards specific areas where they will be much more vulnerable to machine-gun fire or antitank guns.


This are resin pieces made by Kerr & King. I bought the barbed-wire at Antenocity´s Workshop. If you look close to the pieces you can find several interesting details:

In the barbed wire fence pieces you can see corpses lying on the ground, between the wooden posts, as if the had been killed while they were crossing the wire, caught unaware by the machine-gun fire of the defenders. Seems that they have been modelled in a very neutral way, so you can paint wearing almost any uniform. In this case I painted them as soviets.

And, what do you think about this?… nothing says “Mine Field” better and louder than a group of slaughtered cows close to a bomb crater… well, maybe a sign with the inscription “Achtung Minen” says it even better…but this signs are not always available.

And all this work just to place our unaware assailants within range of our bunkers… like this one, another Kerr & King piece.


This time, I´ve modified the original model adding a camouflge net to the roof. I made the net  using a piece of a gauze bandage drenched in a mix of water and white glue.

An last, but not least, the most ubiquitous defensive work… the trench. Made of extruded poliestyrene and balsa Wood. The surface was covered with sand to add some texture, and static grass..

And that´s all for today. Hope you like it.





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