Painting Service

You’ve been months building your new army and checking out dozens of army lists. You’ve bought the models (every one, even those limited edition tanks you like so much) and  every little thing is ready: the dice, the rulers, the books… you have an infallible battle plan… you’re a winner, your army is unstopable. Then the tournament day arrives, you go to the place with your suitcase and when you’re placing the models on the table, you hear a deep voice saying close to your ear…

“Come on dude… why the hell your army is not painted?… Your rival’s army is way cooler, that’s a great paint job”.

Suddenly you have a doubt… small cracks start to appear in you strategy. Your dull grey T-34 tanks look smaller when he deploys his Tigers (painted in a superb 3-tone camo) in the center of the board.. Then a soft voice inside your head wispers…“yes, it’s true, you have many more infantrymen but… Can’t you see his soldiers?… those uniforms look almost real, what an appearance!!!”... now your  brave russian soldiers look less fierce, even smaller, dressed in their unpainted coats…

That’s only a fictional story, but it could happen… and for just a few €uros (Pounds or Dollars) YOU can avoid it.

Here in Mas alla del Muro, a miniature painting service, specialiced in Flames of War and at very affordable prices,  is available to you.

You can see several examples of my commision jobs clicking on the Pintura por Encargo link.

If you are interested in the painting service, or want to ask any question about it send me an email to





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